Camp Dierks

Camp Frederick H. Dierks (Camp Dierks) is located about 10 miles north of Wright City, Oklahoma in the foothills of the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains. Glover River (the only un-dammed river in Oklahoma) runs through Camp and is the source for all water related activities. The camp covers approximately 160 acres and is surrounded by US Forestry and Weyerhaeuser properties.

One unique feature at Camp Dierks is our Statue of Liberty. It is one of only 200 made by the French government and given to the US government in the mid 60’s. These Statues were to be placed on the grounds of each state capitol and at various US government facilities. United States Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn was in office at this time and requested one for his Boy Scout Camp and it was delivered to Camp! Several years ago the French government was working on locating all of these Statues and was very surprised to find that only one was not on government property. They called the NeTseO Trails Council and it was verified by the number on the Statue that it indeed was one of the 200 sent to America. Lady Liberty is a proud symbol of our Great Nation and greets all that come to Camp Dierks.

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Camp Dierks

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